Meat BBQ Cooking Class, NSW/QLD/VIC

Help Him Graduate to Level ‘Grill Master’

Give him the chance to join a 3-hour-long class in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne, where he’ll cook (and eat!) 4 mouthwatering BBQ dishes (incl. chicken, lamb & beef) & learn how to pair them with the perfect wines, under the guidance of a qualified chef.



We all know a few blokes who insist on manning the grill at every barbecue; brandishing the tongs like they’re an extension of their body. But is their food all it’s cracked up to be? Most of us tend to fall into a bit of a culinary rut after a while; sticking to the same old staples time and time again. And, surely even the most experienced grill-masters among us would love to expand their repertoires! So, why not help them level-up, with the Meat BBQ Cooking Class!?

This 3 hour masterclass is offered at scheduled times (mainly weekends) in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane by the BBQ School – the undisputed kings of the grill! A friendly chef and barbecue-specialist will explain and demonstrate to the class how to produce perfectly-cooked chicken, lamb and beef dishes every time, and then supervise as the participants produce their very own mouthwatering meals.

The class includes the following features:

- Crusty Turkish bread with oils and balsamic on arrival

- Aprons, utensils, and ingredients to use on the day

- A full set of class notes and recipes to keep

- Cook a 4-course meal on the BBQ

- Eat everything you cook!

- A detailed 2 part wine tutorial

The delectable dishes will include Rogan Josh lamb sliders, BBQ chicken and ancient grains salad, lamb leg in honey mustard, and a juicy sirloin steak – each served with delicious accompaniments including sauces and salads. It’s safe to say that guests will be blown away the next time the reinvigorated BBQ buff decides to host a cook-up!

Participants are advised to wear closed-in shoes and comfortable clothing, and must be a minimum age of 18 since alcohol will be served at the class. Once a booking has been made, changes can be made for free if more than three days’ notice are given, or at a cost of $50 between 1 and 3 days out from the event. Cancellations on the day will result in forfeiture of the voucher. Men’s Gift Store experience vouchers are redeemable directly with the experience provider with full details provided upon purchase. Recipients have 3 years to use the full value of the voucher.

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What Is the First Recommended Christmas Gift for the Aspiring Chef?

Our first recommendation from the Christmas gifts for men catalogue is bound to be loved by the aspiring chef, since the Meat BBQ Cooking Class can teach your recipient some valuable cooking skills!

During the Meat BBQ Cooking Class from our Christmas gifts for men catalogue, your recipient will make four BBQ dishes that include chicken, lamb, and beef. He will also learn how to match these dishes with the best wine. Of course, all this happens under the expert tutelage of a qualified chef.

After this cooking class from our Christmas gifts for men catalogue, your recipient will go home with much more than new skills. The recipient will leave with a full set of class notes, but also recipes he can keep and try at home. In short, the perfect experience from our Australian gifts for men range for a man with big chef dreams.

What Is the Second Recommended Christmas Gift for the Aspiring Chef?

Another gift from our Australian gifts for men range that we can recommend for the aspiring chef is the American Smoking BBQ Class. Like our previous suggestion, this cooking class is available in various locations in Australia; this includes New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria.

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Please note that the American Smoking BBQ Class from our Australian gifts for men range does not just provide new skills, it also gives your recipient some delicious food and beers to try! So, this experience from the Australian gifts for men catalogue is not just suitable for aspiring chefs, it is also a good choice for gourmet lovers and beer connoisseurs.

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Where Can I Find More Christmas Gifts for Aspiring Chefs?

At the Men’s Gift Store, there are countless other Christmas gifts for aspiring chefs; this includes more cookbooks, but also kitchen utensils, kitchen gadgets, accessories, tools, cooking classes, and experiences. Be sure to head over to our catalogue to uncover more options!

Meat BBQ Cooking Class

One of the favourite experiences of Australian recipients is the cooking class, especially if that cooking class is related to barbecue or beer! Today, we will discuss one of our most popular options from the gifts for him range in more detail – the Meat BBQ Cooking Class – and provide you with some additional gifts for him suggestions for the barbecue lover!

What Is Special About the Meat BBQ Cooking Class from the Christmas gifts for men Range?

There are many things that make the Meat BBQ Cooking Class from the Christmas gifts for men range unique. Firstly, the experience is a three-hour long class, where your recipient will be making four delicious barbecue dishes. It also includes more than one type of meat, since your recipient will learn more about the secrets of chicken, lamb, and beef.

During this amazing cooking class from the Christmas gifts for men range, your recipient will also learn how to combine his meals with the finest wines. Of course, this happens under the watchful eye of a trained and qualified chef, ensuring that your recipient leaves with some valuable skills!

Which Recipient Will Appreciate the Meat BBQ Cooking Class from the Gifts for Him Range Most?

While this may sound like somewhat of a cliché, many Australian men will appreciate the Meat BBQ Cooking Class from our Christmas gifts for men range; this not only because they can add to their BBQ skillset, but also because it gives them the opportunity to meet new people and create some new memories.

When in doubt about the suitability of this class for your recipient, we usually recommend the Meat BBQ Cooking Class from the Christmas gifts for men catalogue for barbecue lovers and gourmet lovers. It is also a suitable option for aspiring chefs and even young adults who are moving out of their parent’s home soon. The possibilities are endless with this cooking class from our men’s gifts range!

Which Special Occasions Is this Cooking Class from the Gifts for Him Range Suitable for?

Even though the Meat BBQ Cooking Class is situated in our Christmas gifts range, the cooking class is one of those men’s gifts that could be gifted for any special occasion. So, in addition to Christmas, customers could also use this cooking class from our men’s gifts range for birthdays, anniversaries, and even Father’s Day.

What Other Barbecue-Related Gifts for Him Do You Recommend?

There are more barbecue-related men’s gifts at the Men’s Gift Store, so we have some additional suggestions for you today. If you need additional inspiration for your men’s gifts this year, be sure to check out the options laid out for you below.

A Sturdy BBQ Brush

The frequent Australian barbecue lover could certainly use a good BBQ brush, the tool that is used to remove unwanted residue from the grill. At the Men’s Gift Store, customers can find several BBQ brushes that might meet their recipient’s requirements, including our sturdy Maverick BBQ Brush!

The BBQ Multi Tool

A BBQ Multi Tool is often mentioned in our recommendations, and it is not difficult to figure out why. With a BBQ Multi Tool, the barbecue lover has instant access to at least five essential barbecue utensils, making it unlikely for him to lose that one tool when he needs it. So, every barbecue lover should own one of those convenient multi tools!

The BBQ Book

Good information goes a long way when it comes to barbecue, since it enables the Aussie bloke to perfect his BBQ skillset. At the Men’s Gift Store, customers can find several barbecue-related books, which are suitable for all kinds of special occasions throughout the year.

A BBQ Hamper

The traditional BBQ hamper is always a great choice for the BBQ lover, no matter which occasion you are buying for. At the Men’s Gift Store, customers can find BBQ hampers containing BBQ nibbles and a bottle of wine, but also condiments that will make any BBQ just a little more special.

BBQ Accessories

Our last suggestion for the barbecue lover is a useful barbecue accessory; for example, a rib rack, burger press, or a BBQ caddy. At the Men’s Gift Store, customers can find many of these accessories, each meant to make the life of the barbecue lover a little easier.

Where Can I Get More Gift Ideas for BBQ Lovers at the Men’s Gift Store?

Customers looking for more gift ideas for their barbecue-loving recipient can undoubtedly find more options in our special barbecue section. From useful accessories and barbecue experiences to novelty BBQ items and barbecue hampers, our catalogue contains them all!

Do you have a question about any of the BBQ recommendations we mentioned today? Do not hesitate to contact the Men’s Gift Store via telephone, email, or instant messaging for more info.