Men and Their Sheds Hardcover Book

Photographed and Arranged by Craig Wetjen

A man’s shed is more than just a shed. A man’s shed is a place he can go to escape the world. In this vibrant hardback book, photographer Craig Wetjen celebrates the shed in all its glory!

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A man’s shed is sacred. It’s a place of calm reflection, peace, and creativity. In Men and Their Sheds, photographer Craig Wetjen celebrates the shed and its place in Australian culture. Wetjen traveled across the continent to find the most awe-inspiring sheds in the country, including ones that are so impressive that they might as well be museums. With vivid photographs and interviews, this book is sure to inspire a whole new generation of sheds!

Men and Their Sheds measures 24 x 30cm. 232 pages.

Every man deserves a place to call his own. And this hardback book is designed to motivate a man to take his shed seriously. He won’t regret it! Give this wonderful book as a Christmas gift or Father’s Day present to the man in your life who could use a little push.

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