Sunnylife Rainbow Neon Light

Includes Dimmer Switch and Useful AU Adaptor

This multi-coloured rainbow light only spreads good vibes, which makes it a wonderful addition to a man cave, apartment, or dorm room. It even comes with a convenient AU adaptor.

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The City of Lights, a.k.a. Las Vegas, doesn’t get much rainfall. But if it did, large rainbows would add even more colour to this bright and shining city oasis. This Sunnylife Large Rainbow Neon Light features a dimmer switch so it’s never too bright and never too dim. It also comes with an AU adaptor.

This glass and ABS plastic Sunnylife Large Rainbow Neon Light is 29 x 8 x 30cm.

Christmas is colourful as it is, but why not make it even more cheerful by giving this Sunnylife Large Rainbow Neon Light as a fun Christmas gift? Personalise this awesome Vegas-inspired present by picking out a greeting card and taking advantage of our deluxe gift-wrapping options.

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