Sunnylife Wategos Rugby Ball

Four-Paneled, Hand-Stitched Rugby Ball

Rugby is to summer as a fish is to water; they just belong together. This colourful rugby ball is soft to the touch, safe, and water-resistant. So get ready to go out and throw-down!

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Can a summer without rugby really be called summer? Thanks to this Sunnylife Wategos Rugby Ball, we’ll never have to find out. This rugby ball features a hand-stitched, four-panel design. It also features a fun and bright geometric pattern, so it’s easy to find in the grass or sand.

This colourful Sunnylife Wategos Rugby Ball is 16 x 16 x 29cm. The ball is water-resistant and can be inflated with a bicycle pump.

For Christmas, the Sunnylife Wategos Rugby Ball is a fantastic gift. Any rugby-loving man would be lucky to receive this awesome present! A complimentary greeting card is included with your order, but you can further personalise this gift by upgrading to a premium card during checkout.