Varietal Wines by James Halliday

Guide to 130 Grape Varietals Grown in Australia

Expert James Halliday guides you through the 130 varietals grown in the many wine regions of Australia. With stunning photography and detailed information, this book is perfect for wine connoisseurs.

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Did you know Australia grows about 130 different grape varieties? In Varietal Wines, wine expert James Halliday shares his expertise, guiding the reader through the history of these many varietals. He frames this interesting information in the context of both national and international wine industries.

Throughout the book, you’ll discover a variety of regional styles, lists of the best wine producers in the world and in the country, and information on how each wine is made. All the interesting and informative details included in this book are accompanied by incredible colour photographs.

This amazing reference and wine bible will delight any wine connoisseur. Men’s Gift Store orders over $99 AU are delivered for free Australia-wide!

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Many men like a good selection of wine during the holiday season, so Christmas gifts for men containing wine tend to be appreciated. Of course, there are many other wine gifts you could consider from the Christmas gifts for men catalogue at the Men’s Gift Store, since we have quite some special gifts available to you this year. Want to discover the best wine-related Christmas gifts for men in our catalogue? Discover our best wine gifts from the Australian gifts for men range below.

Which Wine Gift Is Suitable for the Experienced Australian Wine Lover?

Many customers find it difficult to find a suitable wine gift for an experienced Australian wine lover, since this type of recipient usually tried some of the finest wines in the world already. However, the Men’s Gift Store does offer Christmas gifts for men who have a little more experience in the wine department; this includes some of our wine books.

One of the wine books from the Christmas gifts for men range is “Varietal Wines”, a must-have for any experienced wine lover. Inside this book from our Australian gifts for men range, wine lovers can find more information about 130 Australian grape varietals; this includes detailed information as well as photography. Of course, the book is also written by one of the most prominent wine reviewers in the country, which means “Varietal Wines” from our Australian gifts for men range is quite the safe choice for the experienced Australian wine lover.

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Choosing something for the wine collector is easier than ever with our range of Australian gifts for men, especially since our team has added some exquisite wine choices to this collection. Customers could choose one of our exquisite wine gift hampers, but also one of the exquisite wine packs offered in our Australian gifts for men collection!

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Which Wine Gift Is Suitable for a Wine Critic This Christmas?

Out of all recipients who could appreciate a wine gift this holiday season, the wine critic might be the most challenging to buy for. Wine critics often have extensive experience when it comes to the finer Australian and international wines, and are therefore a little harder to please.

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