Wood Chip Smoker Box in Stainless Steel

For amazing smoked BBQ foods at home!

This gift is great for BBQ chefs who love to Impress guests! They can add delicious, smoky richness to their next BBQ using this Wood Chip Smoker Box in Stainless Steel.

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Give this highly desirable Wood Chip Smoker and he's sure to cook up a delicious feast. The fine art of barbecuing can take many moons of blood, sweat and beer to reach accomplishment. That true smoky flavour is often ever-elusive, but not so with this fantastic men's BBQ gift. If you need a unique gift for any man in your life, this is sure to be a welcome winner!

Made from brushed stainless steel, the wood chip smoker box is suitable for barbecue afficionados as well as amateurs – the latter can now cook with the big boys! The holes allow a variety of flavours to infuse all kind of meats and vegetables to delight the palate of guests with the smoky richness. Fruit woods can be added, giving a mild flavour to fish or poultry. There are so many options, he can use his imagination and experiment on his own – he'll love doing that with a cool beer on a summer evening!

It's usable on gas and charcoal grills – so you don't even know what kind of BBQ he has, you can't go wrong with this gift. You can upgrade to our premium gift-wrapping service if you wish, and we'll provide you with real time tracking for your wonderful gifts from Men's Gift Store.

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