Gifts For Dad

If you want to surprise dad for a special occasion, you certainly must look at the collection of dad gifts available at the Men’s Gift Store. From birthday gifts and personalised gifts to Father’s Day gifts, the Men’s Gift Store has it all. We also provide suitable presents for everyone’s budget. So, everyone can find a present that suits their recipients as well as themselves!

Since there are so many dad gifts to choose from, it can feel a little daunting to decide from our extensive range. Fortunately, we have created an overview with the most popular and most appreciated gifts, enabling you to decide a little easier. So, read on and discover the perfect gift for your dad for a special occasion!

Why Should I Choose the Classic Port Hamper for My Dad?

One of our first recommendations would certainly be the Classic Port Hamper, because this hamper contains a lot of products a dad will love. Firstly, there is the Penfold’s Father 10-Year-Old Grand Tawny Port, a port based of 165 years of experience.

In addition to an exquisite ten-year-old port, the Classic Port Hamper also contains numerous gourmet treats. The gourmet treats are hand-selected by our team, which guarantees that each gourmet treat in the hamper is of the finest quality. So, whether your dad likes international or Australian gourmet treats, it will always have the Men’s Gift Store personal stamp of approval.

Why Should I Choose the Barbecue Branding Iron for My Dad?

Some dads certainly love cooking meat on the barbecue, but often lack the tools to put their personal stamp on it. Still, this is a problem that now belongs in the past, providing you choose the Barbecue Branding Iron as a gift for your dad.

The Barbecue Branding Iron allows your dad to put a personal touch on all the meats he cooks on the barbecue. The accessory comes with 55 letters, including spaces, which enables him to put his name or other words on top of the meat. To apply the word or sentence, simply leave the accessory on the grill and let it heat up enough to add the words on the meat!

Why Should I Choose the Cricket Bottle Opener for My Dad?

If your dad is a major cricket fan, you cannot pass on the Cricket Bottle Opener as a gift. The Cricket Bottle Opener is an excellent choice for cricket fans, because each time you open a bottle of beer, a unique cricket sounds is played. The Cricket Bottle Opener has a total of 25 entertaining sounds, so opening a cold beer will never be boring for your dad again!

Why Should I Choose the White Bathroom Organiser for My Dad?

Dads who like to keep everything nice and tidy will appreciate a White Bathroom Organiser from our collection of dad gifts. The White Bathroom Organiser enables your dad to keep his bathroom essentials in check, without needing any extra storage room.

The White Bathroom Organiser measures 4 cm x 14 cm x 21 cm. The White Bathroom Organiser easily grips on all types of surfaces; this includes tiles, marble, mirrors, and glass. The organiser itself is made from durable silicone, which means it is easy to clean too!

Once the White Bathroom Organiser is mounted in the bathroom, it can be used to store many bathroom products and accessories. Subsequently, the White Bathroom Organiser could be used to store toothpaste, a razor, razor heads, and even rings. In short, every bit of storage your dad could use every day.

Why Should I Choose the Maverick BBQ Griddle for My Dad?

The Maverick BBQ Griddle is another suggestion for men who enjoy barbecuing, but also for men who enjoy eating healthy. Maybe your dad is someone who needs to be more careful with his eating habits? Whichever one it may be, the Maverick BBQ Griddle is an excellent choice.

Our Maverick BBQ Griddle is lightweight and has a non-stick coating; this means that it can easily be cleaned after it has been used. It also has two sides, which means one side can be used for frying and the other size for grilling. In short, an extremely versatile cooking tool your dad will get plenty of use from.

Where Can I Find More Suitable Dad Gifts for a Special Occasion?

At the Men’s Gift Store, customers can find a special section with gifts for dads. So, if you need more inspiration for your dad for a special occasion, we recommend heading over to this category and discover all the items we can offer.

Would you like some additional suggestions for a special occasion? Feel free to take full advantage of the experience of our team. Simply fill in the contact form on the Men’s Gift Store and we will get back to you with some suitable recommendations for your dad.