12-Month Gardening Mentorship via Skype

Learn from Organic Gardening Expert, Peter Kearney

Peter Kearney is filled with an abundance of knowledge and helpful gardening advice. This Skype mentorship package is a great way to tap into this knowledge and to succeed as an organic gardener.



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Growing food successfully with organic methods in your balcony, backyard or hobby farm is possible for any gardener. It can take many years of trial, error and fine tuning to achieve this success. Now there is shorter and more certain pathway to success.  

This 12 month mentoring package, enables gardeners to tap directly into the wisdom of  Peter Kearney, organic and biodynamic gardening mentor, designer, educator and urban farmer/gardener with 40 years of experience growing food in Australia across diverse climate ranges.  


Picking food from your organic garden, being out in nature and connecting to the earth are the joys of growing your own food. It contributes to your well being, educates you about life, our planet and enables you to take some personal responsibility for transforming our food system to being more sustainable.   

As a gift, this 12-Month Organic Gardening Mentorship is ideal gift for anyone looking to grow their knowledge about organic and biodynamic gardening. This incredible package is available to anyone living in Australia via video skpe, email and phone. It includes:

  • Start up planning session – After a 100 minute consultation, mentees receive a personalised and detailed food garden plan for moving forward, contextualised to their space, goals, life situation and resources. It has understandable and logical steps to turn the garden into a thriving and sustainable producer of healthy food. Mentees are guided to avoid common pitfalls that cost time and money, whilst at the same time working with time tested principles.
  • Follow up sessions -  Four sessions lasting 60 minutes each,  occurring once per season. These sessions enable the gardener to keep on track, check in with the garden plan and seasonal planting plan and fine tune based on the advice of Peter Kearney. 
  • Unlimited email and phone support over 12 months – Mentees can check in with Peter Kearney at any time over the 12 months for Q & A as they work through implementing the garden plan.

With this package, the aim at the end of the 12 month period, is that the gardener will be empowered to move forward with confidence in growing food with organic methods, learning skills that will last a lifetime.

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