Escape Room 3 Players, SYD/MEL/PER

A Real Life Escape Game

He and 2 others will work as a team to escape the room – a unique experience that will transport them to imagined world where they have to get creative, find clues and solve problems to set themselves free.



Escape the room style experiences have really taken off around the world – leading the way for new and exciting ideas for people to spend meaningful time together. This unique opportunity for he and 2 others takes them on a fun, educational, exciting and seriously addictive journey! They will work together as a team – testing their wits, getting creative and problem solving their way to freedom. Being run by one of the world leaders in adventure rooms, this experience has been amped up to what has been dubbed a ‘mini-theme park’, with role playing and much more!

With three convenient locations in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney, participants are provided with the highest level of customer service, where they will be transported to another time and place to solve challenges in a race against the clock. With the whole experience lasting around 90 minutes, the team will first be briefed on what to expect, before 60 minutes of game time. Each team is assigned a dedicated game master to help out as little or as much as they like throughout the experience.

Once the game itself is over, participants will gather in the lounge area to chat about their journey, and enjoy refreshments. There will also be the opportunity to dress up in costumes relevant to their specific scenario, where they can take photos to remember their awesome experience together.

Being a private escape room, the team can relax and enjoy each other’s company and create meaningful and most likely hilarious memories while finding their way to freedom. It’s an ideal adventure for friends, family or work colleagues for a bonding experience like no other. They will have loads of fun problem solving and figuring out clues together.

Found centrally located, both the Melbourne and Sydney locations are situated in their respective CBDs, while the Perth rooms are in Fremantle. Each location changes up their scenarios every so often, with Perth and Melbourne creating new and exciting themes every 9 months, and Sydney every 10-12 – perfect for those who want to try it time and time again. The rooms are open 7 days a week, from 10am-10pm to suit any schedules.

Men’s Gift Store experience vouchers are redeemable directly with the experience provider with full details provided upon purchase. Recipients have 3 years to use the full value of the voucher.

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