The ABT Night Sessions, MEL

Enjoy an evening of great beer and new friends!

Quench your thirst for great beer in one exciting night in Melbourne. From innovative craft brews to gourmet pizza, you’ll enjoy a laidback evening of drinking and exploring with old friends and new.



From ales to lagers and brews infused with coffee, toffee, and fruit, the craft beer you’ll discover on our Urban Nighttime Craft Brew Tour in Melbourne is sure to delight! Our beer gurus will take you on an entertaining and historical journey through beer’s past and present.

The tastings on this tour are generous. The tours are small. And the air-conditioned minibus is air-conditioned. What more could you ask for?! Well, in addition to sipping delicious brews, you’ll enjoy a feast of gourmet pizza. We cater to every taste and dietary requirement. For the beer-loving men in your life, this package is a fantastic Father’s Day, birthday, or anytime gift.

So get ready sit back, relax, and enjoy the best breweries in Melbourne. You might find yourself drinking a great sour beer at Temple Brewery. Or maybe you’ll enjoy some live music at Forester’s Hall. Wherever the tour takes you, the samples will flow and the fun will be had!

Important Information:

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Do you enjoy a beer from time to time?

Rushing through the day just to start the next one is no way to live. Because life is to be enjoyed, sipped, and savoured. So why don’t you grab a friend and slow down for an evening of delicious drink and relaxation? Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just need a night out, this premium men’s gift is ideal for beer enthusiasts.

For those beer-lover in your life, you can stop trying to find the perfect men’s gift, because you’ve found it. After all, What could be better than a beer-fueled evening in Melbourne, Australia?! It’s an amazing city with so much to offer.

Want to taste the best beer Melbourne has to offer?

Then our ABT Night Sessions package is here to help you do just that! Over the course of the evening, you’ll join a small group of other beer-lovers and make your way to all the best breweries in Melbourne, Australia. From the delicious to the downright interesting, this tour promises good beer and a good time.

Where will the tour take you? Our experience experts organize stops based on a variety of information. Depending on the season and the beer available, your guides will choose the best possible route, providing you with an unforgettably fun and tasty adventure.

Though locations and breweries change, you’re guaranteed a great evening. You may find yourself at Two Birds Brewery, Temple Brewery, or Moon Dog Brewery, just to name a few. At these wonderful institutions, you’ll taste delicious and innovative brews. Have you ever tried champagne beer? On this tour, you might just get a chance!

So what’s included in this package?

Not only will you try a wide variety of delectable beer, you’ll enjoy delicious food. And don’t worry if you have special dietary requirements; we cater to you and the needs of the group. The tour is very relaxed. Participants are encouraged to take their time and to enjoy every moment. Without pressure and without feeling rushed, the tour guides provide the utmost laidback beer experience possible. Just enjoy the company, enjoy the beer, and enjoy the pizza.

Navigating the urban streets of Melbourne, you’ll comfortably ride in an air-conditioned mini-bus to each location. The guides are fun and knowledgable. In fact, they’re beer gurus! They’ll have you laughing, learning, and loving life in no time.

This is a men’s gift meant to be shared!

Is your best mate’s wedding right around the corner? The ABT Night Sessions is perfect for a bachelor’s party or wedding gift. Are you looking for a fun way to celebrate your significant other’s birthday? Or maybe you need Father’s Day gift for your dear old dad. Whatever the reason, this package is one best shared with the men you love.