Escape Room 2 Players, SYD/MEL/GC/PER

Can They Outsmart & Escape?

He and one other will work together to problem solve their way out of an imagined scenario – a unique experience that will both challenge and inspire the mind! This awesome adventure is conveniently available in 4 locations around Oz.



Over 90 minutes, he and one other will be transported to another time and place where they will find themselves in a challenge that is exciting, addictive, educational and fun all in one! This global trend has truly taken off in recent times, with these rooms being run by one of the leaders in this exciting adventure experience. They have taken the classic idea of “escape the room” scenarios and created what has been dubbed a mini-theme park style journey, with role playing and more.

With three convenient East Coast locations and one on the West Coast – Melbourne, Sydney, the Gold Coast and Perth, all with the very highest quality customer service, participants will get a fully interactive experience from beginning to end. Taken to an imaginary scenario, they will race against the clock and use clues to solve challenges along the way to find their escape. It will test the mind and inspire creativity while spending awesome and unique quality time together.

The team will begin with a briefing of their time in the room, before spending 60 minutes playing to plan their escape. After the game is over, they will gather in the lounge area where they can debrief on their experience while enjoying refreshments. There will be a chance for photo opportunities with the costume area – where they can play dress-ups in outfits relevant to their scenario!

Each team will have a dedicated game master to take them through their challenge – having as little or as much influence in their journey as they want, helping if needs be. They will be in a private room where they can relax and enjoy their time together, working as a team to solve their problems. Perfect for couples looking for a unique date idea, or for friends or family to bond over something truly fun and different.

Both Melbourne and Sydney locations can be conveniently found in the CBD, the Gold Coast rooms are found in Southport and Perth rooms are in Fremantle. The rooms in each location are open 10am-10pm, 7 days a week to suit any schedule, and the themes of the rooms change every 9 months for Melbourne, Perth and the Gold Coast, and every 10-12 months for Sydney – so people to come back and do it all again!

You can easily make your location selection at the checkout, and all information will be emailed to you once the purchase is complete. All arrangements will be made directly through the experience provider, and our vouchers are available for use for 12 months from purchase.