African Cat Encounter, MEL

A Fun Encounter + General Entry

This purrfect gift experience is an unforgettable opportunity for him to not only get a close encounter with the beautiful Serval, but also learn about conservation, and traverse the rest of the zoo at his own pace!


Is he one of those guys who loves watching cat videos? Well this is the ideal gift to get him away from the screen and into the real world! Ideal for the cat lover (purrfect you might say!), this African Cat Encounter, located at the Werribee Open Range Zoo, is only 30 minutes from the centre of Melbourne! Available for ages 8 and above, this gift idea is great for everyone from young to old, from a solo adventure to a group activity.

The Serval, a medium sized wild kitty found mostly in the southern countries of Africa, is a stunningly unique looking beauty that lives in the grasslands and wetlands of the massive continent. They sport gorgeous features, such as both stripes and spots on their orange and black coat, large ears on a small head, and have some lengthy pins relative to their size. These legs are great for springing up over 2 metres into the air, and almost double that horizontally!

He will learn all about this and much, much more during their 40-minute behind the scenes Serval meeting, including Zoo’s Victoria’s conservation efforts, with their focus on endangered animals and threats of extinction. This will be focussed not only on African animals, but also native Australian too.

This package also features general entry to the Zoo itself, giving him the opportunity to experience all the Zoo has to offer! The day certainly isn’t complete without an included 40-minute trip on the safari bus, that will take him through the grasslands of 3 continents; Africa, Asia and North America – sighting all sorts of incredible animals from giraffe to bison and much more! Being fully commentated, this is not an activity to miss!

This gift is a wonderful idea for a solo day, or grab a couple and make it a truly unique date day! It’s also a good opportunity for a group activity – something for the whole family – but just make sure everyone is over 8 years old, and do note that the maximum number of people in each African Cat Encounter is 6 people. The Zoo does request people please wear closed toed shoes for their safety.

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