Portaledge Cliff Camping, VIC

World's Highest Cliff Camping Experience For 2

The ultimate gift for that thrill-seeking guy. Give him the opportunity to take himself and one other on this once in a lifetime Victorian cliff camping adventure experience that will satisfy even the biggest adrenaline junkie!



Know a guy who fancies himself to be a bit of an adventurer? Always seeking those thrills? Constantly wanting to be the one to say he has done this and he has that? Well look no further than this ultimate camping experience… with a serious twist. This adventure, found only a 3.5 hour drive out of Melbourne in Mt Buffalo National Park, will provide 24 hours of a unique combination of adrenalin inducing abseiling and camping, mixed with the serene calmness that comes with being surrounded by nature.

He and a person of his choice will have two experienced guides instructing and supervising them abseil down the North Face of Mouth Buffalo gorge to the portaledge hanging on the sheer cliff face below. Before they embark on their descent, there will be thorough training to ensure they arrive there safely. Currently being the highest cliff camping experience available worldwide, this is definitely more than just your average cliff camping adventure – that’s if cliff camping can ever be considered average! This is sure to be one of those life changing experiences that includes moments of truly feeling alive.

Once settled into their suspended tent, he and his camping partner can enjoy the breath taking views from this incredible location before enjoying the delicious dinner provided, followed by drifting off to sleep under the stars. They are sure to be awoken at dawn to the beautiful sound of nature and once again taken aback by the beauty surrounding them in Mount Buffalo Gorge. Here they can enjoy breakfast and absorb it all one last time before making the journey back up the cliff face.

Men’s Gift Store experience vouchers are redeemable directly with the experience provider with full details provided upon purchase. Recipients have 3 years to use the full value of the voucher.  Both breakfast and dinner are included in this once in a lifetime adventure, along with two experienced guides and all the necessary training and equipment to make sure it is an incredible and unforgettable camping adventure!