"Secret" Tour Overnight Stay, VIC

Be Adventurous and Fly to a Mysterious Destination

For those who seek adventure and enjoy a good thrill, this mystery tour makes an unforgettable gift! This package includes a flight from Lilydale Airport to an unspoiled, mysterious island.


Who can say they’ve been whisked away to a mysterious and luxurious island destination? Our “Secret” Tour & Overnight Stay provides the perfect opportunity to go on an adventure of a lifetime. In fact, this fantastic experience makes a wonderful gift for thrill-seekers, romantics, and ecotourists of all kinds.

The “Secret” Tour & Overnight Stay begins with a quick flight from Lilydale Airport. After a scenic trip, passengers will arrive at their mysterious destination. They’ll quickly discover that the island is full of unspoiled and breathtaking natural beauty. Granite coastlines, beautiful beaches, and lush wildlife make this mystery island feel like the Garden of Eden. Guests to the island will receive a tour from the island’s owners and only inhabitants. Guests are then invited to enjoy any number of outdoor activities, like fishing from the pier, walking, and swimming.

This memorable experience includes flights to and from the island, accommodations for one night, and a gift hamper. Visitors to the island should pack food, drinks, a camera, and a jacket. Luggage may be subject to weight restrictions. 4pax.

Important Terms and Conditions

Price is per person 

Minimum 4 passengers are required before a flight

Groups of 4+ can choose a date (subject to availability)

Passengers with individual bookings are encouraged to fly with 3+ friends otherwise, you can choose a date from the website Tour Schedule 

Men’s Gift Store experience vouchers are redeemable directly with the experience provider with full details provided upon purchase. Recipients have 3 years to use the full value of the voucher.

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The Perfect Getaway for Adventure Lovers

Get whisked away on a private flight from the outskirts of Melbourne to a secluded and mysterious island in the Bass Strait. Included in the Secret Tour is an overnight stay on the island so you can explore its hidden treasures and have the adventure of a lifetime.

What can you do on the Secret Tour?

While on the short flight, passengers can sit back and enjoy the scenic views while anticipating what their mysterious island destination holds in store. After landing, you will receive a tour where you can discover the island’s unspoiled natural treasures which include granite lined coastlines, beautiful beaches and lush wildlife, making it a virtual Garden of Even. Throughout your stay, you are free to walk around, explore and relax amidst the natural beauty. You can go pier or ocean fishing, swim in the pristine waters or go on a nature walk.

What type of man will love the Mystery Flight and Secret Tour?

This private island tour and overnight stay is the perfect gift for adventure lovers, thrill seekers and men who love to spend time outdoors away from all the crowds. It’s a one of a kind romantic gift for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries or birthdays you can give to your husband or boyfriend. If you want to surprise the special men in your life in a big way, this experience should be on the top of your list.

What should I keep in mind before going off on the Mystery Flight?

Accommodations are included in the tour package, but guests are expected to bring their own food and drinks. It can get cold on the island so guests should bring along a jacket, and don’t to forget to bring a camera for this unforgettable experience.

Gift vouchers can be redeemed within 12 months so he can prepare ahead of time and schedule the trip even if he has a busy schedule.

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