Melbourne's Only Beach Skydive, MEL

Melbourne Weekend Tandem Dive

Setting off from St Kilda Beach, he will soar through the skies before leaping over majestic Melbourne, copping 360-degree view of the coast and city – making this a truly unique tandem skydiving experience he will never forget.



It doesn’t matter if he has jumped zero times or 10 times, our Melbourne Weekend Tandem Skydive experience is a truly life-changing adventure. You will send him rising up through the Melbourne skies, preparing to make the highest tandem leap in Australia of 14,000 feet, achieving what is Melbourne city’s closest tandem skydive experience. From above, the spectacular coast and city views will be seen from a 360-degree perspective – only ever enjoyed by a few. In the safe hands of Australia’s best tandem instructors, this is one unforgettable journey.

His day will begin at the St Kilda Marina meeting point on either a Saturday or Sunday, where he will be given a full rigorous safety briefing, and be introduced to his tandem instructor, who will guide him the whole way through from beginning to end. It is suggested that he give himself 45 minutes to get to the office from the city, either by car or public transport.

The real adventure will begin once they take off in his skydiving plane, rising to 14,000ft height, viewing break-taking scenery on the journey up. Once they reach the highest point, his instructor will get him ready for the big leap – jumping out over the gorgeous coast and cityscape of Melbourne, freefalling for an incredible 60 seconds, reaching 200km/h. The instructor will then release the parachute ready for 5-7 minutes of bliss – gently floating back down to the Moran Reserve under the canopy.

His tandem skydive over Melbourne includes:

- The tandem skydive itself, on either a Saturday or Sunday of his choice

- A certificate of achievement with his name on it

- Australian Parachute Federation membership for three months

- A loyalty card, and a bumper sticker as a memento

Guidelines and advice for the day:

- He should wear sneakers and some loose clothing, but he will be given jump pants to use on the day, along with fleece and gloves if it’s a cold day

- No scuba diving for 24 hours before the skydive, and no drugs or alcohol for 8 hours before

- He must be 12 years of age or older

- For guys over 95kg, there will be a surcharge, and for guys over 110kg, a safety assessment will be conducted

- There could be a wait on the day if weather isn’t ideal at the start

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