Newcastle Tandem Skydive, NSW

The Adrenalin Of Beach Skydiving

He will be able to check another thing off that bucket list with this 14,000ft skydive over the Newcastle and Port Macquarie region! In the safest hands of the best instructors, he’ll freefall for a wild 60secs before relaxing for 7 min under that canopy!



Our Newcastle Weekend Tandem Skydive experience will see him soaring to heights of 14,000 feet, flying above the gorgeous Newcastle and Lake Macquarie region, seeing sights and scenery only observed by a few… and that’s even before the jump! The experience is for one lucky guy, who will be in the safest of hands – guided by Australia’s best instructors who sometimes go for up to 11 dives a day, achieving the amazing goal of Australia’s highest altitude jump.

Located just half hour south of Newcastle city near the gorgeous Blacksmiths Beach at Belmont Airport, he will begin his Saturday or Sunday adventure with a rigorous safety lesson, where he will meet his tandem instructor who will stay with him the whole way through the experience, all the way back to terra firma.

The real adventure begins once they take off in their plane – flying over the mind-blowing beauty of the ocean and Newcastle and Lake Macquarie region. Once they reach their maximum height of 14,000 feet, the adrenalin will be well and truly built up and he will step out of his comfort zone and into the air, freefalling for an incredible 60 seconds, before the euphoria sets in and it’s all cruising back down for a solid 5-7 minutes of floating under the open canopy.

His amazing skydive package includes:

- One tandem skydive in Newcastle, on either a Saturday or Sunday

- A personalised certificate to prove his achievement

- Membership to the Australian Parachute Federation (3-months)

- A loyalty car and a bumper sticker

Some tips and guidelines for a great day

- He should come dressed in loose clothing and have sneakers on his feet, but he will be provided with jumping pants and some fleece and gloves for a colder day

- This experience is for guys 12 and above – with no upper age limit, but must be physically fit

- He mustn’t have done a scuba dive for 24 hours before heading up, and should not have had a drink or taken drugs for 8 hours before

- If he weighs over 95kg he will incur a surcharge, and over 110kg requires a safety assessment before diving

- Finally, if weather isn’t ideal when he first rocks up, he may have to wait for things to get better

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