York Weekend Tandem Skydive, WA

Perth's Best Value Skydiving

He will be blown away by this 14,000ft tandem skydive with a luxurious twist – not only will he make the leap over breath-taking countryside, but can then enjoy his time relaxing at the onsite bar, café, pool & sauna! Located in York, 90 mins from Perth.



Found only 90 minutes from the hustle and bustle of Perth, in the gorgeous historic town of York, he will not only experience a unique skydive experience – soaring through the stunning clear WA skies and leaping over incredible countryside, he will also be able to take advantage of the purpose built skydive resort, complete with private airstrip, bar, café, sauna and even a pool! This is skydiving with an element of luxury – guided by Australia’s best tandem instructors, jumping from Australia’s highest tandem height of 14,000 feet.

An easy 1.5-hour drive from Perth (buses/coaches also available) will find him in beautiful York, where his day will begin with an intensive safety briefing to ensure the safest and most amazing jump. He will also be paired up with his experienced instructor, who will be by his side (and his back!) from beginning to end – taking him through the entire thrill seeking process.

Next he will leave terra firma, rising to their incredible height experiencing breath-taking views from a perspective not seen by many. When the excitement builds to extreme, and adrenalin is definitely pumping, his instructor will start the countdown to the leap of his lifetime – first freefalling for an incredible 60 seconds, reaching speed of 200km/h. Once the parachute has been opened, he will gently float back down to ground for 5-7 minutes of pure bliss.

Included in his York tandem skydive:

- One tandem skydive over York, WA, on either a Saturday or Sunday

- One certificate of achievement with his name on it

- One bumper sticker and one loyalty card

- One Australian Parachute Federation membership for 3 months

Some guidelines and tips for the day

- He should arrive in sneakers and loose fitted clothing, but will be given jump pants, and some warm gear if it’s a chilly day

- He must not have gone for a scuba dive within the 24 hours prior, or have had a drink or drugs for 8 hours prior

- He must be 12 years or older, but can be any age above

- If he weighs more than 95kg, there will be an extra charge, and if over 110kg, he will need an assessment before jumping

- If the weather isn’t ideal right away, he should be willing to hang around until it’s safe

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