Wollongong Tandem Skydive, SYD

Sydney's Only Beach Skydive

Help him tick something off that bucket list! With this 14,000ft skydive over Wollongong, he will freefall for 60secs before chilling for up to 7 minutes; floating over stunning coastline & taking in one of the most unforgettable experiences of his life.



Imagine giving him the opportunity to rise 14,000 feet above the incredible New South Whales coastline just south of Sydney; seeing endless ocean from perspectives only witnessed by a few – and that’s only from the plane! Our Sydney-Wollongong Weekend Tandem Skydive for one person, offers the safest experience, instructed by Australia’s best guides with a ridiculous resume of jumping experience – sometimes even up to 11 times a day!

He can book to be conveniently collected and dropped off from Sydney on either a Saturday or Sunday, or make his own way to Wollongong to start his journey. Here, he will first be given a rigorous and thorough safety briefing, and assigned his tandem instructor, who will be with him every step of the way.

Once that plane takes off, the real adventure begins! Flying over incredible views while reaching their highest point before the best part, his instructor will give the final countdown before they make the leap from 14,000 feet. With the adrenalin seriously pumping, he and his tandem instructor will freefall for around 1 minute, before they settle into 5-7 minutes of floating back down to north Wollongong underneath the open canopy.

His package will include:

- One tandem skydive on the Wollongong coast on either Saturday or Sunday

- Collection and drop off from a designated Sydney location (please book)

- Membership with the Australian Parachute Federation for 3 months

- A bumper sticker, loyalty card, and a personalised certificate to show off!

Some advice and rules for an awesome skydive

- Come prepared wearing loose fitting clothing and sneakers – they will provide jumping pants and warm items for those chilly days

- He must not have done a scuba dive within 24 hours before, or been under the influence of alcohol or drugs for 8 hours

- He must be 12 at the youngest, but can be any age above if physically fit!

- If he is over 95kg, there will be a surcharge, and if he is over 110kg, there will need to be a safety assessment

- and finally, he shouldn’t have planned too much for the day! There may be some waiting if weather conditions aren’t great at the start

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