Balinese Cooking Class, MELB

A Journey To Bali Cooking Style!

Over 3 hours, he will create 5 tantalising tastes of Balinese cuisine in a fun, social and hand-on cooking class designed to gain greater insight into the culture and tradition of our tropical neighbour.



With influences from other parts of Indonesia, Malaysia and as far as India and China, Balinese cuisine is a unique blend of herbs, spices, the freshest veggies, meats and seafood. Steeped deeply in tradition, it differs from its Indonesian island neighbours with its food cultures reflecting practices specific to this paradise island. The Balinese Cooking Class will see him learning not only how to re-create 5 incredible Balinese dishes, but also experiencing a holistic lesson into these special traditions and practices.

Over 3 hours, the participants will get a hands-on cooking experience led by an expert chef, who will provide them with all the necessary utensils and equipment needed to guide them to Balinese food perfection. All 5 dishes are delightfully different, giving him the opportunity to learn a range of new skills. The menu includes:

- Balinese chicken with a peanut satay sauce

- Beef rendang _ a fragrant curry sauce with slow cooked beef

- Spiced fished wrapped in the commonly used banana leaves

- Stir fried fresh water spinach

- Yellow rice with coconut and turmeric

After learning important secrets to these gorgeous Balinese dishes, the students (who must be 16 years and above) will have the chance to come together and talk about their experience while dining on their efforts, and enjoying a sparkling wine to celebrate their hard work. This intimate and social class will have him leaving feeling accomplished and ready to take the recipes into his own kitchen to continue experimenting.

Whether for Father's Day, Christmas, birthday, anniversary or Valentine's Day, the kitchen loving foodie guy in your life will love being transported to the paradise island of Bali through this awesome interactive experience located just outside Melbourne in the suburb of Richmond.

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