Take Better Photographs, CAN

Head Beyond The Basics

Turbo-charge his photography skills with this workshop in Canberra, where he will spend the day in a small class of 5, learning about advanced camera settings and the key concepts of composition and light control.



For the man who loves photography, and has mastered the basic functions of his digital camera, this workshop presents the ideal opportunity to push his skills to the next level! The content here follows on from the ‘Introduction to Digital Photography’ workshop, and begins introducing advanced camera controls and critical skills essential to producing professional quality photographic art. Most importantly, they will be introduced to two of the most essential photographic concepts: composition and light control.

The ‘ Take Better Photographs’ workshop, based in Canberra, will see an expert instructor spend a day with five budding young photographers, discussing, reviewing, and demonstrating the following themes:

- The histogram and the concept of dynamic range

- More advanced techniques for exposure metering

- The differences between RAW & JPEG files

- Depth of field control & techniques for focussing

- An introduction to basic light control using natural light diffusers & reflectors

- An introduction to elements of image design & principles of basic composition

During the day, participants will have the exciting opportunity to put the concepts and skills they have learned into practise, by going outside and taking some shots with their own cameras (which must be brought along, fully charged on the day).

They’ll then get to hear some feedback, when all of the photographs are reviewed by the class. One shot from the class will be selected for a printing session, whereby the instructor will demonstrate step-by-step how to create a professional-quality finished print. Participants are often thrilled by the end-product achieved, and leave feeling empowered to create their own photographic masterpieces!

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