Cake Decorating for Beginners, WA

Fun and Informative 6.5-Hour Decorating Course

He will learn the basics to cake decorating in this creative and fun 6.5-hour class designed to help him get on his way to professional cake making, or simply to satisfy that want to impress others during any festive occasion!



Learning the art of cake decorating is a fun and impressive skill set to build – opening up doors to work in this creative art, or simply perfect a budding hobby! Located just north of Perth, students will take part in an interactive, intimate, and individually focussed 6.5-hour Beginner Cake Decorating class, where they learn the basics of cake decorating techniques that are of commercial quality. The experience is led by a knowledgeable and practiced teacher, known for their patience and passion for gorgeous desserts.

While learning professional level decorating techniques on a two-tier foam cake, students will become familiar with fondant, also knowns as ready-to-use icing, or plastic icing; as well as the decorative, Royal icing. Students will enjoy learning how to roll the icing; cover cakes with the Royal and plastic icings; use a crimper to create gorgeous border decorations; make icing drapes to place around the cake; make paper piping bags and piping filigrees of Royal icing; using the piping bag to pipe large icing borders; simple leaf and rose decorations; and using an air brush to shade sections of the cake.

All necessary equipment will be provided for students, including the tools required to get creative. They will also be given an apron to use throughout their experience, which will be theirs to keep at the end – but what really takes the cake (pun intended!) is that participants will have the opportunity to also take home their finished product to enjoy and inspire their new skills!

Ideal for those interested in taking the first step to learning the important skills and techniques for gorgeous cake decorating, this gift experience is perfect for the local guy, or perhaps someone visiting or new to the area.

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