Landscape Photography, PER

2 Hours to Spectacular Landscapes

Over 2 hours, he will learn how to take stunning landscape snaps under the guidance of an expert photographer – being taught all sorts of professional tips and tricks to capture the perfect shots. Located in Perth.



Having the ability to capture a stunning landscape is a great skill to have – being able to truly encompass the beauty of the scene in front; something that is often never quite the same as being there when we look back on our shots. This is the case particularly when travelling – wanting to portray that moment in time to our friends, family and ourselves later on.

With nearly 14 years of industry experience, his expert photography teacher will guide him through the Landscape Photography – 2 Hours class, in a private, one-on-one session. During the lesson, set at the gorgeous Cottesloe Beach, he will be snapping his own stunning shots, discovering amazing tips and advice on elements and equipment ideal for landscape photography. He will learn all about the best camera settings, lighting and filters for the perfect snap.

Summary of his lesson:

- A quick review of the student’s camera to get the best results

- Learn how to capture, read, and see light

- Learn how to use the best filters for landscape shots

- Learn framing techniques for perfect composition

- Learn to use different lenses and depth of field methods for creativity

A perfect experience for a guy you know who has been wanting to branch out and learn how to shoot different subjects. He doesn’t need to be an experienced photographer, but should have some basic understanding of his own DSLR camera or compact camera with manual settings, so he is ready to go. He must bring along his camera, a memory card, a fully charged battery, and if he still has it lying around, his instruction manual.

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