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Life is all about learning new skills, and Men's Gift Store's range of Learn and Master Experiences are all about providing men's gift optoins that celebrate new skills and journeys through learning. Whether he's always wanted to learn the guitar or how to take a better photo, this range of men's gift vouchers offers something for all tastes and ages from Australia's premium destination for men's gifts.

Check Out Quick Gift Ideas You Could Gift Today!

Forgot to buy a present for an important occasion? No need to worry, because the Men’s Gift Store has some last-minute gifts you can acquire immediately. Need some inspiration from our catalogue? Get some recommendations from our gift voucher range below.

What Last-Minute Experience Could I Gift to a Car Lover?

There are several special experiences for car lovers at the Men’s Gift Store, from luxury car hires to actual track days. So, you can find a last-minute gift for every type of car lover.

One of the last-minute experiences available at the Men’s Gift Store is the High-Performance Track Days experience. During this experience, your recipient gets to enjoy a full day experience from 8 am to 4 pm; this includes unlimited access to instructors, flag marshals, first intervention vehicle, and of course the track itself!

To participate in the High-Performance Track Days Experience, the participant needs his own driver’s license, which authorises him to drive the vehicle he will be given. The participant also receives a driving helmet; this to ensure that the experience can take place safely.

What Last-Minute Experience Could I Gift to a Boat Lover?

Customers buying a gift for a boat lover could choose one of the boat-related experiences at the Men’s Gift Store. One of these experiences is the America’s Cup Twilight Racing Experience in Sydney.

America’s Cup Twilight Racing Experience takes place every Wednesday and Friday from 5 pm to 8 pm. During the experience, your recipient gets the opportunity to learn from an elite sailing team; this includes on how to trim the sails, manoeuvring, and more.

What Last-Minute Experience Could I Gift to a Gourmet Lover?

There are many cooking classes available at the Men’s Gift Store, something that is bound to be enjoyed by gourmet lovers and foodies alike. One of the cooking classes available as a last-minute gift is the Mother India Cooking Class in Perth.

During the Mother India Cooking Class, your recipient can get a little more familiar with the basics of the Indian kitchen. The lesson spans over three hours, during which the recipient is taught by experienced and passionate chefs. It is also an experience that recipients can actively participate in and create the most marvellous Indian food.

Naturally, the Men’s Gift Store also offers Australian cooking classes and baking classes. So, no matter what type of kitchen your recipient is interested in, you can get that last-minute class at the Men’s Gift Store.

What Last-Minute Experience Could I Gift to a Businessman?

Do you need a last-minute gift for an important businessman? If you do, we recommend one of the professional experiences in our range; this includes the Personal Branding: The Perfect First Impression!

With Personal Branding: The Perfect First Impression, businessmen will learn more about creating their own brand. The experience enables them to get their own photo experience, where the photos can be used for social media, business websites and even resumes. Therefore, this experience is a must-have for any businessman trying to get ahead in his specific field.

Where Can I Find More Last-Minute Experiences at the Men’s Gift Store?

Would you like to explore more of our last-minute experiences for your recipient? Check out our range of experiences by heading over to the “experiences” category. Then, select the subcategory that matches your recipient best!

Do you have a question about any of the experiences mentioned here today? Or do you have a question about one of the experiences in our catalogue? No need to worry, simply contact the team at the Men’s Gift Store for some additional information!