Advanced Driving Course Lvl 2, SYD/MEL/ADL

High Speed Driving Skills To Save Lives

Driving at high speeds on the highway or freeway when something goes wrong can be deadly; but you could help save his life with the Advanced Driving Level 2 Course that teaches him essential driving skills.



Take his driving to a new level of confidence and safety with the Level 2 Advanced Driving Course. This relaxed yet informative course can be attended in Sydney, Melbourne or Adelaide and focuses on safety skills at highway speeds on wet roads. Drivers need to be prepared for the unexpected, and this course focuses on just that.

The Level 2 Advance Driving Course aims to teach drivers skills that help them to maintain confidence and control in threatening situations. They’ll learn danger avoidance techniques and vehicle control on wet surfaces. This course is suitable for everyone from L-Platers (if they are accompanied by a licensed adult), right through to more experienced, older drivers.

Drivers use their own vehicle for this course so that when they leave after their training they can easily translate their newly learned skills straight onto the road with confidence.

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