Techniques of Butchery Class For 1, VIC

Take control of what you cook in our kitchen!

Guided by an experienced chef, you will learn about different cuts of meat, how to bone a chicken, and how to bone a quail. You’ll then enjoy a delicious lunch on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula.



When you’re planning a big barbecue or a special dinner, finding the perfect cut of meat is difficult. For foodies, this task can be especially hard. Our Butchery Techniques Cooking Class for 1 is the perfect gift for discerning chefs! During this course, provided by Green Olive at Red Hill in Victoria, you’ll be instructed by an experienced chef.

The instructor will first take participants through the process of butchering a lamb carcass. This demonstration includes information on which cuts come from what part of the animal. Participants will also learn how each cut is best used and cooked. Then it’s time to roll up your sleeves! Students will bone, portion, and marinate a chicken. Finally, participants will learn to bone a quail, which will be cooked in a wood-fired oven and eaten for lunch.

Important information:

Participants should arrive by 8:50am in order register. The course takes place from 9am until 12pm, followed by lunch. Course notes and a chef’s apron are provided. It’s also recommended that you bring a cooler so you can safely take food home.

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