Gluten & Sugar Free Desserts Class, ADL

Guilt Free Cooking Right In Adelaide

He & his classmates will enjoy an interactive cooking journey run by a passionate foodie, who will guide them through the tricks to delectable desserts free from sugar & gluten. They will then enjoy their creations set in the beautiful Hahndorf location!



Imagine a world where we could enjoy our favourite desserts guilt free – those goodies that are really some of life’s little pleasures but without all of the additions that don’t go well with the healthy lifestyle. Our Gluten and Sugar Free Cakes and Desserts experience makes that a reality; where students are taken on a culinary journey to create sweets that are both delicious and nutritious so not to jeopardise their wellbeing. A fun, interactive and intimate class, our course truly challenges the notion that you can’t have a mouth-watering dessert without all the baddies.

Just 30 minutes up the road from the Adelaide CBD in the gorgeous German town of Hahndorf, students will find themselves on the main street in amongst all the festivities, with their foodie guru teacher enthusiastically guiding them through multiple gorgeous recipes. They will be given their very own guide book full of recipes and tips, as well as an apron for them to use in class, and take home to use time and time again! And possibly the best part about the day, is after all their hard work is done, they will feast on their gorgeous creations with their new found classmate friends.

Both for fresh delicious food and for sustainability, the class will use the best seasonal produce available at the time, and to ensure each student gets the most out of their time, there will only be a maximum of 10 participants per class. With a focus on both healthy outcomes and flavour, each creation is free from preservatives, gluten, yeast, wheat and of course, sugar. Think gorgeous cinnamon muffins, decadent chocolate desserts, moist brownies, and more!

Being a half-day course, this is a wonderful gift idea that could extend the whole day… with Hahndorf being right in the middle of the Adelaide Hills wine region, and its own German themed activities to enjoy, it could mean a full day of amazing exploring for the traveller or the Adelaide local, after all the cooking magic is done. Men’s Gift Store experience vouchers are redeemable directly with the experience provider with full details provided upon purchase. Recipients have 3 years to use the full value of the voucher.