Dusk into Night Photography, CAN

Take Impressive Low Light and No Light Shots!

During this useful photography course, participants learn about taking the best nighttime shots possible! The course covers how to expose for mood, capture star trails, and take nighttime portraits.



When done correctly, low light and no light photography is absolutely incredible. Creative nighttime shots seem to reveal an entirely different world than we know by daylight. But to capture this fascinating new world, photographers need to be equipped with the right techniques, like the techniques they’ll learn in this Dusk into Night Photography experience. This photography course is overflowing with helpful tips and tricks for taking low light and no light photos that are sure to impress!

As experience participants hone their photography skills, they’ll learn about nighttime lighting, capturing car trails, star trails, and light blur trails. Participants also learn about drawing with light and composing night portraits. Because this two-hour experience takes place outside, participants should wear appropriate clothes and comfortable shoes. This Canberra-based course is taught by a professional photographer who will guide and assist each photographer throughout the experience.<

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