Airbus A320 Flight Simulator 1 Hour, SYD

Fulfill Their Pilot Dreams

Has your guy ever dreamt of high-flying as the pilot in a real airplane? Gift him with an hour-long simulation of his dream. The movements, techniques, and high-powered, realistic, interactive video will have him feeling like a real pilot.

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Looking for the perfect gift for the guy who's always wanted to be a pilot? Boy do we have the perfect gift for him. He'll spend an amazing hour in a state-of-the-art Airbus 320 Flight Simulator! Under the guidance of a real pilot instructor who doubles as his First Officer he'll be flying into the clouds, swooping over the mountain tops, and then bringing the aircraft down at an airport of his choice, all from the safety of the simulator. The sense of realism has to be experienced to be believed.

Choose from thousands of airports, time of day, and weather conditions for your flight experience. The Simulator features a 180-degree curved screen with the latest and greatest in HD graphics with a refined visual system. This is as real as it gets without actually taking off into the sky! This experience can be completed at the Fly A Jet Simulator at Bankstown Airport in Sydney. Young pilots from the age of 6 and up are welcome!

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