Japanese Cooking Class, MEL

Unlock The Treasures Of Japanese Cooking

Guided by an experienced teacher, he will really get to know the freshness and deliciousness of Japanese flavours just outside of the Melbourne CBD, with this cooking class to delight the dedicated foodie guy you know.



Perhaps he loves some good sushi but wants to get to know a little more about Japanese cuisine, or perhaps he has been meaning to try to recreate some of those delicious dishes from his recent trip to Japan. Whatever it is, this is a great opportunity for him to explore the fresh and delicious flavours of Japanese food and say sayonara to the same old recipes.

Located just outside Melbourne city, this Japanese Cooking Class will see an experienced chef guide him through 4 different dishes, and taste 3 different Japanese drinks over the space of the 3-hour experience. Depending on the time of year, he will be cooking different dishes, which suits the Japanese way of focussing on seasonal produce.

From January to June, he will have the opportunity to create delicious miso soup; make sushi like the pros, complete with pickles, fish and other meats; recreate mouth-watering seafood, beef or chicken Japanese teriyaki with rice; and a delectable daikon salad sporting a sesame dressing. From July to December, he will instead learn how to make the best pork and ginger goya dumplings; a fresh daikon salad with sesame dressing; incredible Japanese savoury okonomiyaki pancakes; and the popular ramen noodle with pork and broth!

The class will have refreshments provided throughout the cooking process, and will have the chance to try sweet plum wine, Japanese beer, and green tea _ some Japanese favourites! The classes are intimate and sociable, and anyone from 16 years can enjoy the experience, which is to be organised directly with the provider once you have given him this amazing gift!

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