Macaron Class, WA

6-Hour Macaron Course with Cookbook and Apron

Over 6 hours, students will learn how to whip up the perfect macarons – with fillings from ganache to the ever popular salted caramel, he will be so thankful he gets to take all of his creations home with them!



Macarons have made a huge comeback in recent years, with new, creative and delicious designs and colours to tantalise the taste buds as well as please the eye! Our macaron experience gives students an insight into these notoriously difficult to make treats, and demystifies them through a relaxed and individualised environment – where their experienced, passionate and patient teacher ensures everyone leaves feeling accomplished and inspired! Over the 6 hours, students will have created over 90 macarons, all made with different colours and fillings.

On arrival, students will be given a recipe book and apron to use throughout the class, which they will be able to take home with them, along with their many mouth-watering macarons! Aside from making the macarons themselves, this course gives a holistic experience, where the teacher discusses and explains problems associated with making the desserts, and how to overcome them with simple solutions – sharing professional secrets to getting it right. The classes are often small, meaning there is lots of potential for one-on-one time should students require it – making it ideal for any experience level.

Throughout the course, students will make various different macarons using a French meringue, and will learn the art to perfect piping techniques to ensure consistency. They will then be guided through creating multiple different fillings, such as ganache, butter cream and salted caramel, before putting it all together to create magnificent and mouth-watering macarons!

Located only 20 minutes north of Perth in Joondalup, this course is perfect for those wanting to experiment in the kitchen, or have tried and failed with their own macaron journey and are ready to get it right! Participants must be over the age of 16 to partake. 

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