VIVE Cooking School $200 Voucher, SYD

A Sydney Experience For Cooks With Passion

An ideal gift for those guys passionate about the culture of food all the way from sourcing it to sharing it. Our VIVE Cooking School $200 Voucher offers endless possibilities to learn new and creative cuisine, in their Sydney location.



Eating food is a deeply social yearning – it is almost always a shared experience, with people eating together as a social activity; where family or friends comes gather and connect with each other. We use food as gifts, and we see it as symbol that binds us together during holidays, birthdays, and other celebrations. Most nights we sit with loved ones and indulge in our meals together after a long day apart. VIVE Cooking School’s philosophy is driven by this – giving home cooks the opportunity to learn new and exciting ways to connect with their food to share their new skills.

For the enthusiastic foodie dude, our VIVE Cooking School $200 Voucher opens the door to boundless opportunities to learn new and exciting recipes and cuisines, while also gaining a deeper connection with the foods’ source, shopping for it, preparing it, and most importantly, sharing it! Each month he will find different classes to choose from – creative and interesting new ways to love food, from molecular gastronomy to French cuisine, or heading in for a private event or a to see a loved special guest, and just so much more!

VIVE Cooking School’s founder comes from Cambodian-French heritage, two cultures deeply connected to the social food traditions and rituals of spending time with loved ones feasting on nourishing, sustainable foods – something that is deeply celebrated at VIVE. The classes are lead though, by passionate expert chef, Julien Vassuer, who after growing up in rural France around veggies, animals and sharing food with family and friends, took his enthusiasm for food through the world studying at some of the best schools. Now in Sydney, he is channelling his love of teaching at VIVE Cooking School. 

Whether that is getting into the popular ceviche movement with a raw dishes class; adding some creativity to summer salads for the season ahead; learn the tricks to gorgeous Italian fare from the Rome area; perfect Spanish tapas, Vietnamese, Greek or Peruvian cuisines; study how to perfectly fillet a fish, or butcher a lamb; impress on the big day with a Christmas class; or for the young fella, there are junior chef classes for him to enjoy. With new and creative lessons each month, the selection is never-ending.

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A Special Gift for Men Who Love to Cook

Need a great gift for a man who loves to spend time in the kitchen? Or someone who wants to upgrade his cooking skills? This $200 gift voucher to one of Sydney’s hottest cooking schools will inspire him to make special dishes at home.

What type of cuisine is taught at the Vive Cooking School?

The Vive Cooking School teaches participants how to cook dishes from different parts of the world. Different classes are scheduled every month, which include:

  • Classic French dishes and pastries
  • Italian dishes, desserts and pasta making
  • American-style smoked BBQ ribs
  • Louisiana Cajun and Creole dishes
  • Spanish paella and churros
  • Mexican dishes and sauces
  • Thai street food
  • Japanese gyoza and ramen
  • Vietnamese Pho
  • Vegetarian and vegan meals
  • Molecular cuisine

By buying him an experience gift voucher, he’ll be able pick any class and learn how to cook any type of dish he desires. Aside from classic dishes from different countries, Vive Cooking School also has classes for modern and trendy cuisine like vegan dishes and molecular recipes that combine one’s love for food and cooking with physics and chemistry.

Any of these classes are a great birthday gift or Christmas present for any man. If he has a favourite type of cuisine, he’ll be able to make it at home any time he wants after learning the tricks of the trade from the masters. Need a good gift idea for your husband or boyfriend on Valentine’s Day or your anniversary? Give him a free pass to one of the classes, and you’ll both be able to enjoy and share his kitchen creations at home, and also share it with friends and family during special occasions.

Do I need to prepare before attending a cooking class?

All materials and equipment are provided on the day of the class itself. Vive Cooking School has a state of the art kitchen that is big enough to host classes for large groups, and is equipped with all the cooking utensils and crockery required to make all the meals for the day’s menu.

Aprons, recipes and required ingredients for the day are also included. Some classes will start off with students buying fresh ingredients from the market as a group. Some ingredients are prepared in advance if it requires more time than what is allotted for in the class.

Appetizers are usually available for participants to enjoy upon their arrival. The food prepared by the class will be eaten and shared at the end of the day, so you don’t have to prepare any packed lunches or eat before coming to a class.

Students are advised to wear comfortable close-toe shoes because they will be on their feet a lot, as well as for food safety.

Who teaches the classes?

The Vive Cooking School employs several professional chefs from different backgrounds and are all widely recognised in their respective culinary fields. Some classes are also taught by guest celebrity chefs. Classes are taught with a hands-on approach with the instructors guiding them through each step of the way.

Do you offer cooking experiences in other cities?

The Men’s Gift Store has a large selection of gift vouchers from various cooking schools in different Australian cities each offering a unique experience that foodies and aspiring chefs will love.

What other experiences does the Men’s Gift Store offer?

Aside from cooking experiences, we have a range of experience gift vouchers that are ideal gifts for every type of man you can imagine. For adventure lovers, we offer heart pumping experiences like skydiving, cage diving with sharks, aerobatic plane rides, rock climbing, cliff camping and rappelling, among many others. If you want to give your man the ride of his life, we offer track days, sports car rentals, motorcycle tours, private helicopter tours, hot air balloon rides, as well as jet boat and jet pack rides. For beer and wine lovers we offer beer and wine tastings, as well as brewery and winery tours.

How are experience gift vouchers delivered?

Our experience gift vouchers are sent via email after checkout, and contain instructions on how to redeem them with their respective experience provider. You won’t have to waste time waiting for item delivery or gift wrapping, which makes it a great choice if you’re looking for a last-minute gift. All experience gifts can be redeemed within 12 months after the date of purchase, so your recipient has ample time to prepare for it even if he has a very busy schedule.