Mother India Cooking Class, PER

Vibrant and Flavour Filled Cuisine

Together with others in a welcoming and interactive class environment, he will learn the secrets to gorgeous, aromatic and vibrant Indian cuisine, over 3 hours in our Perth location. The class will finish off with a feast on their creations!



With the vast area that India covers, it is no wonder the cuisine varies greatly from place the place. Influenced by different climates, traditions, seasons, cultures and many other factors, daily meals and food practices change all over. But despite the distinctions, food from the huge South Asian country always manages to incorporate gorgeous and colourful aromatic spices and herbs to produce beautiful food.

Our Mother India – Indian Cooking Class helps demystify the complexity of Indian cuisine, unlocking the secrets to such flavourful fare, while learning the fundamentals. Located in West Perth, our 3-hour lesson is taught by experienced and passionate chefs, excited and enthused to share their knowledge, tricks and tips to beautiful food.

In a hands-on yet friendly and relaxed class setting, participants will learn not only how to follow the recipes perfectly, but also new and important techniques and methods to whip up vibrant Indian food time and time again. The class will work together to produce 6 dishes, that a representative of the diversity of Indian food – covering flavours from north to south. Their delicious menu includes:

- Southern style chicken pakora

- Aromatic eggplant and mustard fry

- Moong dhal sambar

- Aloo masala

- A fresh coconut chutney

- A coriander mint chutney

When all the cooking is done, the classmates will come together to feast on all their delicious creations! They can enjoy their beautiful food together, while sipping on their own BYO drinks – which each student is welcome to bring with them. All recipes used throughout the class will be available to be taken home, so they can use their new found knowledge to recreate it all at home!

This class requires no experience at all – so it is the perfect gift idea for the beginner home cook, or for those who want to experiment with different cuisines. It is recommended that participants come in some comfortable clothing, some comfy closed shoes, and tie their hair back. Students must be 16 years of age. Men’s Gift Store experience vouchers are redeemable directly with the experience provider with full details provided upon purchase. Recipients have 3 years to use the full value of the voucher.