Taste & Indulge

Whether it's handmade pasta, learning to make sausages or a romantic dinner for two; we've got a beautiful range of Men's experience gift vouchers here at Men's Gift Store. It's time to indulge his senses with a beer tasting tour perhaps, or a chocolate walking tour across the city. Whatever he loves to do, we can help him take his foodie passions to new heights because as Australia's best gift store for men's gifts, we know a thing or two about finding the right gift for the guy in your life.

Pamper Your Recipient with the Taste & Indulge Gift Vouchers at the Men’s Gift Store!

At the Men’s Gift Store, you can find experiences to match any occasion. In addition to thrill-seeking experiences, which are quite popular amongst male recipients, we also provide taste & indulgence gift vouchers, which could prove useful to those who like the finer things in life. Want to learn more? Find out everything about these gift vouchers below.

What Are the Taste & Indulge Gift Vouchers?

The taste & indulgence gift vouchers are a collection of experiences specifically selected for foodies or recipients who appreciate a relaxing and pampering experience. So, recipients who value relaxation in a beautiful environment, preferably with good food and wine, will appreciate the taste & indulgence gift vouchers most.

What Can I Buy for a Couple from the Taste & Indulge Range?

In our range of taste & indulgence gift vouchers, we offer more than just experiences for individuals; this range also includes experiences for couples! If you would like to gift a couple a wonderful experience – for example, for an anniversary – then any of the couple experiences in this range will do wonderfully.

One of the experiences you could consider is the Elevation Float Couple’s Experience. During this experience, participants are placed into a special pod containing water and Epsom salts. The combination makes the body weightless, giving the body a full relaxing experience.

What Can I Buy for Foodies from the Taste & Indulge Range?

The Men’s Gift Store has a range of special experiences for foodies; this includes cooking classes, but also exclusive restaurant visits. So, it does not matter if your recipient prefers to cook his food or not, the Men’s Gift Store has something suitable for everyone.

One of the finest experiences for foodies at the Men’s Gift Store is the Leeuwin Estate Platinum Experience. The Leeuwin Estate Platinum Experience including an art viewing and a gourmet meal for a minimum of two people. Therefore, this experience could be shared by a couple. The experience also includes a wine tasting, which means this experience is suitable for wine lovers too.

There are also gift vouchers for groups available at the Men’s Gift Store; this could prove useful if you want to surprise a group of friends, your family, or even your employees. One such an experience is the Food Tour & Belleville Feast for 6.

During the Food Tour & Belleville Feast for 6, recipient will enjoy some of the best foods in Melbourne. While discovering the foods, participants also get a good insight into the history and tradition of certain cuisines, enabling them to bond while getting familiar with various cultures and identities.

Some of the foods enjoyed during the Food Tour & Belleville Feast include handmade chocolates, delicious coffee, cheeses, and even some local wines. So, the experience might not only be a good present for foodies and gourmet lovers, but also for a group that enjoys a good bottle of wine.

Can I Get Some Recommendations from the Taste & Indulgence Gift Voucher Range at the Men’s Gift Store?

The Men’s Gift Store offers a variety of taste & indulgence gift vouchers, so it can feel a little overwhelming trying to find that one perfect gift in the entire collection. Fortunately, you can count on the advice of the Men’s Gift Store team, who have years of experience!

To get some recommendations from the taste & indulgence gift voucher collection, contact the Men’s Gift Store via telephone or instant messaging. If you cannot contact us during business hours, you can also send your request via email.