Travel & Street Photography Class, MEL

Enlightening and Exclusive In-Field Experience

For a man filled with wanderlust and a taste for life, this in-field experience is the perfect opportunity to hone photography skills and to capture all the excitement and beauty of life! Spend time discovering the heart of Melbourne photography.



From the colourful boats of Halong Bay to the bustling city streets of New York City, a man and his camera can capture the most amazing, most beautiful, and most fascinating scenes in the world. In fact, if he knows how to bend his perspective just a bit, he can make any city in the world appear magical and brand new. He can tell a story that speaks to his audience. This Travel & Street Photography Workshop offers passionate photographers and travelers a chance to question perspective in order to find incredible, award-winning shots wherever they may roam!

This 3-hour workshop takes place on the beautiful streets of Melbourne, Australia. Come rain or shine, instructor and photographer Matt Krumins works with each participant to find fascinating and novel perspectives. The best part? This workshop is exclusive, allowing only 6 participants at a time, so every participant has a chance to work with Krumins individually.

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