VIVE Cooking School $140 Voucher, SYD

A Sydney Cooking School With Passion

Our VIVE Cooking School $140 Voucher will give the foodie dude an opportunity to select his ideal class – from events to a plethora of different cuisines. Ideal for those passionate home cooks who love to share their fare. Located in Sydney.



Cultures all over the world see food as a tool for social wellbeing; a way for people to come together and spend valuable time with each other, and connect over beautiful meals. VIVE Cooking School shares this philosophy, aiming to create a space that allows the passionate home cook to come along and get creative with their food and their love of sharing with friends and family.

Our VIVE Cooking School $140 Voucher is a perfect opportunity for such foodie fellows to learn more about the source of their food, the shopping involved, preparation, and the sharing aspect of it – building a deeper connection to all involved. The voucher could see him choosing from a myriad different classes, from technique specific stuff like filleting fish or butchery, to learning the tricks to cocktail and tapas, or a class specifically dedicated to learning molecular gastronomy!

Classes will be hosted by enthusiastic expert chef, Julien Vassuer. His passion for all things food began throughout his upbringing in rural France, where he was surrounded by fresh and beautiful food – with animals, vegetables and his family’s daily celebration of food and spending time together. After learning from some of the best chef schools in the world, he is now in Sydney, working with VIVE Cooking School to share his wealth of knowledge and passion with participants.

Your lucky gift-ee can may choose to go for a private class and celebrate a birthday, anniversary or even a date; or could pop by when special guests are hosting the show. There is options for Vietnamese specific classes; Roman cuisine; Christmas themed classes; summer salads; or even a raw class teaching students the art to gazpacho and the popular ceviche! Perhaps he is a young guy and would love to join in on one of the junior chef lessons, or even learn how to cook mouth-watering French food from the French chef.

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