Architects' Houses: Twenty Australian Homes Book

Wonder What Houses Architects Build Themselves?

A marvelous and insightful look into the process of an architect creating and building their own home when they let their imaginations run wild. Does it all work out for the best? Find out inside.

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What happens when an Aussie architect dreams big? What happens when they let go of convention and build the home of their dreams. Something they might not be able to do when constricted by clients? Something that’s bigger than themselves? This wonderful and gorgeous book takes readers on a deep-dive into the homes of Twenty Australian Architects who do just that.

Architects’ Houses: Twenty Australian Homesby Stephen Crafti is an insightful exploration into why these architects made the decisions they did. What was their goal? Did their vision come to life the way they imagined it? Did it stick to budget or have any huge problems?

Accompanied by beautiful photography and a deep exploration of each home, this book makes a wonderful Father’s Day gift idea or the perfect coffee table book gift for those who enjoy stunning design or have ever dreamed of building their own unique home. Another wonderful men’s gift from Men’s Gift Store Australia.

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