The Aussie BBQ Bible

Featuring Over 100 Delectable BBQ Recipes

This amazing cookbook offers an array of delectable dishes, from seafood and lamb entrees to unbelievable desserts. Author Oscar Smith also includes several great vegetarian options.

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There’s just something so delicious about a meal cooked over an open flame. Maybe because it excites a primal part of the brain associated with hunting and providing the tribe with meat. Whatever the reason, The Aussie BBQ Bible is absolutely overflowing with satisfying barbeque recipes. It includes a wide variety of mouthwatering meat dishes, as well as vegetarian meals and tasty desserts. In other words, this cookbook has something for everyone.

This paperback cookbook measures 28.0 x 22.8 x 2.0cm. It’s written by BBQ-enthusiast Oscar Smith. 208 pages.

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