Backyard Bounty Book

Organic Gardening Made Simple

For the man who loves to garden, this organic growing guide is a must-read. The book covers an array of essential gardening topics, including compost creation, plot preparation, and more!

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Organic gardening is good for the earth and it’s good for the gardener. Backyard Bounty, a paperback written by Organic Gardening Magazine, contains all the information a man needs to transform his garden into an organic paradise filled with incredible veggies. The book features helpful hints and tricks about making compost and combatting diseases naturally. It also includes a month-to-month guide for planting and growing popular vegetables.

This Father’s Day, turn dad’s vegetable garden into a veritable Garden of Eden with the Backyard Bounty book. This fantastic growing guide makes organic gardening accessible and possible for eco-friendly home gardeners.