The Beatles Book

Includes Transcipts, Interviews & More

The perfect gift for the Beatles fan! This book takes a look into the archives of BBC TV and Radio and the role they played in taking this home-grown group and turning them into a worldwide sensation.

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If he’s the world’s most enthusiastic Beatles fan ever, then we’ve got the gift that he’s sure to be most enthusiastic over no matter the occasion! Beatles The BBC Archive Book by Kevin Howlett is the ultimate historical account from the UK’s largest media company at the time, and their interactions with the world’s most famous pop group, The Beatles.

Featuring information and stories pulled directly from the BBC archives, this wonderful book features photographs, transcripts and more from the pre-craze right through Beatlemania and even transcripts of some of the last interviews with the Beatles before their split.

The perfect gift for him if he’s a music lover, Beatles lover or just loves a good recount of history and years gone by. We’ll deliver it directly to his door with order tracking for your piece of mind from Men’s Gift Store.

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