Incognito Ipad Case By Doiy

Retro on the Outside. Tech-Savvy on the Inside.

Retro meets tech-savvy coolness in this Incognito IPad Case. The brand, DOIY, encourages people to express their quirks and uniqueness. This case totally helps your guy showcase his love for all things vintage.

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we all know that technology is the must-have of modern living but that doesn't mean that an old-school feel can't be achieved. Introducing Incognito iPad Cases, which is designed to look like an old-school notebook for a bit of fun and comforting nostalgia.

The case will fit tablets sized between: minimum size: 16.5cm x 22cm x 0.5cm; maximum size: 19cm x 24.5cm x 1.4cm

Creating beautiful products, DOIY is a young brand out of Barcelona, Spain. It's main aim is that people can acquire, or share, original, different, and perfectly-designed objects. Objects that bring cheer everyones day. DOIY wraps us in a very optimistic world using iconic creations focused on curious gifts and home accessories. Its creations always tell us a story.