I Love You Dad Book

Tell Dad How Much You Love Him

This Father’s Day, show your dad just how much you care with this wonderfully-designed keepsake book. Share stories, memories, and unforgettable moments with the man who made you what you are today.

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This Father’s Day, take time to fill out I Love You Dad: And Here’s Why. On these beautiful pages, commemorate his love and dedication. It’s never too late to tell your dad just how much he means to you. And though a gift is always special, a present as personal as this keepsake book is meaningful beyond words.

I Love You Dad: And Here’s Why is ideal as a Father’s Day, birthday, or anytime gift for those dads and father figures that made a real impression. This hardcover book will protect your personal memories and messages for years and years to come. Your dad will certainly love and cherish this book for the rest of his life.

To find other wonderful Father’s Day gifts, browse Men's Gift Store, and whether your dad is near or far, we’ve got your back.

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Are you the apple of your Dad's eye? Or maybe you had a few problems with your old man over the years. Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs in the world, and getting him gifts for Father's Day almost as good as saying “I love you Dad”. Maybe you could tell him you love him as well and give your old man the Father's Day jackpot! If you're far away, there's no better way of letting him know you care than a phonecall and a bonus Father's Day gift through the post. We deliver your Father's Day's present for you if you're away from home.

Telling your Dad that you love him can be awkward, we all experience that, which is why the Men's Gift Store is such a blessing. We can help you show him you care if it feels awkward to tell him in words. If you don't talk to your Dad as often as you feel you should – giving him a Father's Day present is a great way of letting him know you think of him.

The I Love You Dad Keepsake Book is, without doubt, a Father's Day present he will treasure into old age. You can fill it with memories, maybe press cut-outs of special events you went to (you can find many of these on the internet), and photos of precious times. Sometimes Dads don't get shown love like Mums, which isn't fair. Most men are big softies underneath, and men's gifts like the Keepsake Book give him an outlet for his loving feelings.

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When you spend $99 or more, we offer free Australia-wide delivery. You can upgrade to our premium gift-wrapping service for a snazzier look to your Father's Day gift. If you can't sign the gift card, we'll sign it for you using your words. When you shop with us, you can track your Father's Day presents and make sure they arrive at their destination on time. We want to impress your Father and make your shopping experience pleasurable. When you upgrade to our premium shipping service, you can be sure your Father's Day gifts arrive on time to make both him and you happy!