Man Vs. Child Book

Helpful and Hilarious Parenting Advice for Dads

Parenting advice is usually dry, formal, and more terrifying than helpful. Man Vs. Child is the exception. This hilarious book is all about offering useful tips with a side of irresistible wit.

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Having a baby is verifiably weird. Everything about it is weird, but with the help of Man Vs. Child it’s possible to be prepared. Throughout this book, author, comedian, and father Doug Moe delivers practical parenting advice mingled with laugh out loud humour. In fact, the information in this book is so relatable and enjoyable, we’re sure mum will want to read it too!

Hardback Book Dimensions: 14.7 x 2.3 x 21.8cm.

Man Vs. Child is unbelievably funny. Just take it from comedians Amy Poehler, Rob Corddry, and Bobby Moynihan! It makes an incredible Father’s Day gift for first-time dads who could use a hand and a laugh.