Whiskey Gift Set

Stylish Crystal & A Whiskey-Read He'll Love

Whiskey-enthusiasts and aficionados love this dashing gift set. It features a set of stylish whiskey glasses accompanied by a hardback book covering 101 fine, rare, and famous whiskies.

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If whiskey isn’t a manly drink, then manly drinks simply don’t exist. This charming Whiskey Gift Set is made for all manner of whiskey aficionados, from amateurs to experts. The set includes stunning Crystal Whiskey Glasses, which have been carefully designed to enhance the flavour of whiskey for a satisfying drinking experience that only Crystal glassware can give. In addition to the barware, the gift set comes with Ian Buxton’s 101 Legendary Whiskies You’re Dying to Try But (Possibly) Never Will.

In this hardcover compendium, Buxton invites his readers into the world of rare and fine whiskey. He meets people in the whiskey industry and discusses what makes a whiskey so intriguing and so flavourful. The 224-page book is around 12.2 x 2 x 18.3cm.

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Father's Day Gift Ideas for Whiskey Lovers

Whiskey has been around for hundreds of years; it's one of those drinks that's famous all over the world. Some men have a fine appreciation for whiskey, and if your Dad is one of those we can help you buy him a special Father's Day present.

Who exactly invented whiskey isn't clear. It's been around for hundreds of years. Some say the Irish brought the method to Scotland – others say it was the other way round. Whiskey is distilled from fermented grain, such as wheat, rye, barley and corn. American whiskey is often called bourbon. The latest whiskey-making aficionados are the Japanese. We're sure that's enough of the history lesson! You'd like to know what men's gifts to give to the whiskey lover.

If your Dad likes his whiskey cold, but complains about it being watered down by ice, then we've the perfect Father's Day gift for him. We have a set that is a whiskey glass and sphere by Sparq. With this fantastic men's gift, the attractive sphere is put in the freezer, then goes in the glass and keeps the whiskey cool whilst retaining it's wonderful flavour. Your Dad will be delighted with this stylish and clever Father's Day gift.

A book of legendary whiskies he can drool over!

The Whiskey Gift Set has two beautiful crystal whiskey glasses and a book about 101 legendary whiskies. This excellent men's gift will suit whiskey enthusiasts from beginners to seasoned lovers of the 'water of life' (this is the gaelic translation of 'whiskey'!). He can probably only dream about some of the whiskies in this book, since he might have to sell his home to afford one of the bottles.

If your Dad likes to take a tipple on camping trips or to watch sport, the we've a great men's gift for him. A hip flask is the handiest way to transport his favourite whiskey. We've a very stylish one by Ted Baker that's a men's gift designed to fit snugly in his pocket.

If your Dad's a more rugged type, and doesn't like fancy men's gifts, the hip flask by the world-famous Stanley brand looks like it'd blend into his tool kit. This Father's Day present is a surefire winner for the nuts and bolts man who likes to keep things simple. And enjoys men's gifts that are simply practical and built to last.

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