Toothbrush Holder & Mirror Set

Shatterproof Mirror and 100% Silicone Organiser

Quick, easy, and innovative, this bathroom set uses Aussie Grip Technology to attach to shiny, bathroom surfaces: tile, mirror, marble, and more. Perfect for travellers it keeps toothbrushes and razors tidy and organised.

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This Charcoal Bathroom Organiser Set comes with a shatterproof, fog-resistant mirror and a three-compartment bathroom organiser. They’re 100% waterproof and 100% silicone. Both items in this set come with Aussie Grip Technology, an innovative feature that eliminates the need for adhesives, suction cups, meaning this clever design attaches to most smooth surfaces. He can place and remove the organiser and mirror as often as he likes without leaving marks or losing stick, making it a perfect gift for men who travel regularly.

Organiser dimensions: 4 x 14 x 21cm. Mirror dimensions: 14 x 7.5cm.

Save space in the shower or on your bathroom vanity today. Or give this space-saving tool as a Father’s Day, Christmas, or anytime gift to the man who could use a little organisation in his life.

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