Hardshell Green Travel Case

Hardshell Toiletries Case for Serious Travellers

A unique way to carry all his toiletries or loose bits and pieces as he travels, this hardshell case is all about protecting his gear. Offering a leakproof, waterproof design, this cool case is perfect for keeping a wide variety of toiletries.

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Murphy’s Law states that whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. This seems especially true for travel. You show up at the wrong gate. You forgot to pack your glasses. You left your kettle on at home. You can't save him from life's inconveniences, but you can help protect his clothing and his luggage from leaky bottles with this Leakproof Travel Case in Green.

This hardshell travel case is made with 100% waterproof and leakproof silicone. Even the zipper and zipper head are heavy duty and built to last! There's plenty of room for all his toiletries, as the Leakproof Travel Case measures 26 x 16.5 x 9cm. To keep his bottles from flying around, there are internal silicone nets to secure his bathroom essentials, and keep him organised.

For men who take the road less travelled, shop at Men’s Gift Store. And give this Leakproof Travel Case to your favourite jet-setting man. We’re sure he’ll love it.

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Luxury or Convenience when selecting boyfriend gifts?

It can be tough when choosing gifts for your boyfriend. We often can’t decide if it is better to focus on pampering through luxury style items, or gifts that have practical convenience. Either way, for the boyfriend who has it all, or is notoriously hard to buy gifts for, choosing which style to go with can actually be quite easy.

Luxury over convenience for boyfriend gifts.

There are two main reasons for choosing luxury over convenience for gifts for boyfriend. Firstly, if he is the kind of guy who loves pampering himself and thoroughly enjoys surrounding himself with indulgent items and experiences, buying your boyfriend gifts to add to his luxury collection is a perfect way to surprise him and show you notice this is about him.

On the flip side, if he is someone who doesn’t put as much emphasis on pampering himself for whatever reason, spoiling him with a luxurious item or experience shows him that you think he deserves something special, and that you have thought outside the square to give you boyfriend gifts that he wouldn’t normally think of getting himself. Luxury gifts for boyfriend could range from his favourite fragrance, to indulging in a hamper full of his favourite food and drink, a game, or a cool activity or experience he loves or wouldn’t normally think of doing.

Convenience over luxury for boyfriend gifts

Just like above, if you feel your boyfriend puts too much emphasis on luxury in his life, find something practical to help organise all that indulgence. You might get him a toiletries bag like the Hardshell Green Travel Case for Serious Travellers, to not only keep those luxury items in check in the privacy of his own bathroom, but to also help the serious traveller contain those nasties spills that can often happen on travel escapes.

On the other hand, if your guy is right into no luxury fuss and practicality, convenience gifts for boyfriend are just perfect. The best way to impress these guys is to think of something he has mentioned he needs, or you have noticed he needs – whether it be a cookware set, a bathroom organiser, something for the car, his work, or for a holiday, boyfriend gifts that provide convenience will really show you care.

Why not have both convenience and luxury in your gifts for boyfriend?

There are so many choices out there for boyfriend gifts which cover both the convenience and the luxury categories! Regardless of what kind of guy you are buying for, combining the two can find you some of the most ultimate gifts for boyfriend. This could be a watch that is both stylish and practically water-proof; or cufflinks that are both novelty, and help his sleeves stay put; or even a mug with a message that shows you care and holds his coffee!