Koby Toiletries Bag - Blue

100% Leakproof. 100% Silicone. Zero hassle.

Remove the worry of leaks while he travels! He can take all his bathroom essentials in this leakproof toiletries bag. Measuring 15 x 15 x 25cm, this silicone travel accessory has enough room for everything you need.

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He'll be carefree and relaxed on his next holiday thanks to this stylish leak proof toiletries bag from the team at Koby. With this 100% silicone bag, he can pack all the body wash, shampoo, toothpaste he needs without worrying for one minute about leaks. His clothes are safe! The silicone travel bag is also waterproof. Dimensions: 15 x 15 x 25cm.

Perfect for businessmen and frequent travelers, give the Leakproof Toiletries Bag in Blue on Father’s Day, Christmas, or anytime throughout the year. And before checking out, personalise your present with a heartfelt greeting card. Card options are available from your Men’s Gift Store cart.

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Whether you are buying for the intrepid backpacker or the luxury lad, all travellers want to be able to save space and keep that luggage organised. A leak proof toiletries bag is absolutely essential for anyone going on a trip – there is nothing worse than arriving tired (but excited!) at your destination, only to find your products have leaked all throughout your bag and you only have the smelly plane clothes you’re wearing. A stylish and practical option like Koby Toiletries Bag in Blue, is a great idea when brainstorming Christmas gifts for men.

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Depending on his budget, he may be staying in accommodation that doesn’t provide all the bells and whistles. This can include absolutely no shelving in the (sometimes shared!) bathroom, leaving his bathroom goodies living on the floor – which we all know is no place for a toothbrush! When searching for cool travel related Christmas gifts for men, you could grab him a bathroom organiser that can stick to the wall to save his toothbrush from that shared bathroom floor fate. Even if he is staying in 5-star luxury, a bathroom organiser leaves space for other important bits and pieces. For the likes of this luxury lad, who might need his pressed shirt to make it through ok, combine his gift with the tip of putting a rolled up belt in his shirt collars to keep them in shape!

For the thrifty traveller, put together a care package of basic (and cheap!) travelling hacks to accompany your luggage or other travel Christmas gifts for men. Grab some pegs to keep his toothbrush off the sink, include some bread tags for when those cheap thongs break, and include an old hard glasses case or twisty ties to keep those headphones and cords from tangling at the bottom of the backpack!