Toiletries Bag in Charcoal From Koby

100% Silicone, Leakproof, & Waterproof Travel Bag

He'll love this leakproof toiletries bag! He can throw it in his luggage and worry no more! This well-built travel companion is 100% silicone, completely waterproof, and absolutely leakproof. Dimensions: 15 x 15 x 25cm.

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Ease his mind when travelling. There'll be no more worry about a leaky bottle of body wash or shampoo! He can avoid messes by using this Leakproof Toiletries Bag in Charcoal so he'll travel in style at no risk of toiletries leaking into his bag. Sleek and well-designed, this toiletry bag is the perfect travel companion. In addition to being leakproof, it’s also waterproof; no shampoo spills are getting out of this bag and no water is getting in!

This Leakproof Toiletries Bag measures 15 x 15 x 25cm, a great size for carrying all your bathroom essentials. Material: 100% silicone.

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With all those products he uses, how about a wonderful place to put them? The Toiletries Bag In Charcoal From Koby is one of those awesome gifts for men he'll most likely use all the time. Firstly it's leakproof – are there any amongst us who haven't gone away and taken out our toiletries bag only to find it has leaked on our clothes? Well that'll happen no more with this men's toiletry bag.

As long as it's properly closed, he can throw this silicon men's toiletry bag into his suitcase and know his clothes will be protected. When you buy gifts for men, you want to be sure they're not run-of-the-mill gifts for men. This men's toiletry bag is definitely not one of those. The silicon is not only leakproof, it's waterproof too. So he can put it in the bathroom and know that whatever splashes on it won't get in. He can put his watch inside, for example, if he's in a hotel showering and know it'll be safe. Gifts for men, like this men's toiletry bag, that are easy, useful and good to look at, are amazing.

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When you browse through our gifts for men, you're bound to find presents your male loved ones will enjoy receiving. We curate a huge selection of gifts for men, such as the Koby men's toiletry bag. We chose this incredibly useful men's toiletry bag because it's has a unique quality. Nothing gets out, nothing gets in – it's an awesome men's toiletry bag! Your gifts for men can all be awesome when you shop with us, so take a look around and spread the love!