Toothbrush Organiser

Adheres To Smooth Surfaces Magically

His toothbrush and razor will stay tidy and organised with this fun gift from Mighty. Utilizing Aussie Grip Technology, this organiser easily attaches to almost any shiny surface without adhesives and is great for travel.

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Know a guy who struggles to keep his bathroom organised, or travels a lot and would appreciate a carefree way to keep his toiletries tidy? If so, this Charcoal Bathroom Organiser is going to become his favourite bathroom accessory. With room for a toothbrush, a razor, and more, he can keep all his essentials organised and off of the bathroom vanity.

It measures 4 x 14 x 21cm, the organiser is 100% silicone and 100% waterproof. It utilizes Aussie Grip Technology, eliminating the need for unreliable suction cups, harsh adhesive, and mounts, it cleverly adheres to smooth surfaces with no need for adhesive at all. Each compartment comes with a drainage system to avoid mildew or buildup.

The Charcoal Bathroom Organiser is perfect for use in the shower, above the vanity, in dorm room bathrooms, and while traveling. It’s a fantastic and practical gift for him!

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How to Gift Without Offending the Receiver – Christmas Gifts for Men

Often we find the perfect Christmas gifts for men, but then realise it might be interpreted in such a way that it could offend. The key to not upsetting your gift receiver is all in the execution – and this can be done in a number of ways!

To Find Perfect Men’s Christmas Gifts Simply Listen!

Rather than just rocking up to Christmas Day with that gift you feel might offend, help them remember their mention of it. When choosing the perfect Christmas gifts for men, consider your gift ideas and try to recall when the guy you are buying for mentioned anything related to it. This way, even if you did originally choose your gift based on what you believe is necessary, he will see that you have really taken notice of what he says and what needs.

Utilize that Christmas card. The best way to ensure he knows you have listened, is through a message in his card. So if you are worried your Christmas gifts for men could upset, explain that you recall him mentioning a need for your gift; taking away any chance to offend! For example, maybe you noticed the bathroom at your parent’s place being a bit of a mess, but also separately recall Dad complaining that he doesn’t have time to keep things as organised around the place as he likes. By mentioning his frustration in his Christmas card attached to the Charcoal Bathroom Organiser, he would never know that you had actually noticed his messy bathroom too.

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Worried a gift pack of body wash, scrub and moisturiser insinuates they smell? Put it together in combination with a candle! You can then explain that you noticed he has been working extra hard lately and deserves to pamper himself with luxurious products and create his own little home-spa situation – no one could feel anything but special with this kind of gift!

Maybe you have noticed that his razor is getting a bit old, or his shaving brush is losing so many bristles that there are more clogging up the bathroom sink than what are actually left in the brush. Is he the type that just won’t justify spending money on replacing it? This is the perfect time to strategically swoop under the guise of pampering with your Christmas gifts for men! Once again use that accompanying Christmas card to highlight the fact that they deserve it, not that you believe their crappy old razor needs to be in the bin.