The Bearded Life Book

Includes Historical, Cultural, and Care Facts

Being the owner of a beard is more involved than just growing one. Bearded guys should know their beard history, beard culture, and beard care, all of which are offered in this humourous hardback!

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Growing and maintaining a beard isn’t just a fashion choice, it’s a lifestyle. And for the men who have chosen that lifestyle, The Bearded Life book is essential reading material. Written and illustrated by Carles Sune and Alfonso Casas, this hardback compendium contains everything a bearded man needs to know about his facial hair. It includes interesting historical facts, funny cultural observations, and helpful grooming recommendations.

All of the great information in this book is complemented by clever illustrations and humor-filled comics. So to make a bearded man laugh, all you have to do is give him this awesome book. He’ll love it! It measures 21 x 15cm. 160 pages.

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