Cafe Racer Boot Shine Kit

Because First Impressions Count

A man's shoes should always allow him to put his best foot forward and both his feet will look perfect thanks to this compact Café Racer Boot Shine Kit. Containing everything he needs to care for his shoes, perfect for home or travel.

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Any man knows that first impressions count and he’ll always look impressive thanks to the Café Racer Boot Shine Kit. Everything he’ll need to keep his shoes and boots looking their shiny best can be found inside this convenient tin that’s perfect for travel or home.

Inside he’ll find both light and dark boot polish and a polishing cloth, along with a hard brush and a soft brush, both made from quality Beech Wood. Measuring 12.5cm x 9.5cm this is the perfect set to take on the road. The café racers of the sixties were all about speed, adrenalin and the spirit of motorcycle riding, now he can embrace the thrill and adventure all from the comfort of home thanks to the team at Men’s Gift Store.

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The Cafe Racer Boot Shine Kit is an awesome present for any man. It's motor racing theme will be a big hit with petrol heads everywhere, whether they're into motor racing, cars or bikes. If you're looking for unusual men's grooming gifts ideas, where you'll be buying him something he'll love and enjoy, then as long as he wears shoes, this is a doozy of a present.

The cool motor-themed tin contains two brushes, light and dark leather polish and a stylish polishing cloth. If his leather shoes get a bit neglected, then this men's grooming gift idea is one that'll have him motivated to start polishing! If you're looking for men's grooming gifts ideas for a young relative or friend who's about to go to university, then this is a lovely self-care item he can pack into his suitcase.

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